Freedom verses Passion

What thoughts came to your mind when you read the title Freedom verses Purpose in the blog post?

I was on a webinar yesterday, actually 3 webinars :) The first one was on website design and wordpress. One would think, “How does the topic of Freedom verses Purpose come up on a webinar about design?”

I’m one that has always focused on one’s cause or purpose first. Some interesting and revealing statements and thoughts were brought to the table of discussion.

Patty said, “I think for a lot of people in a cubicle, their first mission is to get free. I know at least it was for me.”

Laura, “The freedom alone is not enough. There has to be purpose behind it.”

This was taking place on Kevin Miller’s Free Agent Academy’s site This guy’s the real deal. Anyway, this conversation was continued on his Facebook page. It’s good stuff.

Just got this from a friend, “Great listen today Kevin…I got a huge lesson from your words today…I have been thinking all along that I need to make sure the money is in order, and then go after the passion…I think it’s the other way around…fill ourselves with the passion and then the money follows (but take care of responsibilities as well)”

Kevin responded,

“Thanks so much for this. I see error on both sides, folks who spend forever getting money in order, and never get to passion. Then folks going after passion, but with no plan, and they struggle with money. But yeah, I see far more glory ultimately come from veering to the latter.”

What do you think?

Here are a few of the comments that followed:

Joshua said, “Chasing passion is a necessity for a man to do to be fully alive. The problem is that most don’t do whatever it takes to fulfill their passion and many quit 10 minutes before breaking through.”

Jonathan Milligan, “The biggest complain I hear is “I don’t have time” or “I’m too tired” after working all day and family responsibilities. My first answer is “Do you want it or not?” My second answer is “If so, pay yourself first.” Wake up one hour early and work on your passion (assuming you have a plan)! Actually writing a blog post about this today.”

His blog is listed below.

Doug added,  “It is a tough walk sometimes, passion vs. responsibility. Too often, as my awesome wife Patty Gale would say, we find ourselves in that j-o-b situation and we want to jump at the first thing that comes along, just to get out. I felt that way working in the cubicle farm. My responsibilities as a father and spouse are so important, not just financially but time, energy and peace of mind. I love some of the comments…if you don’t work towards your passion, your calling..then I feel you aren’t bringing your value to your family, and to the world…”

Here is Jonathan’s blog post: 5 Reasons to Work on your Passion before Sunrise

For me, I blessed to be working in and fulfilling my passion but I’m now putting a great effort on quote “getting free” by raising support and multiple streams of income. It’s a long process but it’s coming to pass slowly but surely.

So, I think you need to implement both at the same time.

Work on your Passion while work on getting Free. Small steps, start today, start right now and don’t forget to journal it or write it down and keep it before your eyes and vocalize it everyday.

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Awesome Quote by Ray Lewis

Yesterday I came across a speech where Ray Lewis was firing up the Standford University Basketball Team. Madison Martin says, regarding the speech, “I believe, showed the attitude that has enabled him to become one of the most (in my mind THE most) famed linebackers of all time.”

It was a pretty powerful prep talk. Here is a portion of it:

“So now you got to go out and show them I’m a different creature now than I was five minutes ago. Cause I’m pissed off for greatness. Because if you are not pissed off for greatness, then that means you are OK being mediocre!”

That’s good stuff.

I liked it so much that I’m making the “Get Pissed Off For Greatness” a part of this site. It’s so true in life. “Anyone who plans to accomplish above the ordinary must be consumed by a zeal that will propel them past obstacles and barriers,” says my friend Barry Cook.

Passion speaks of intensity and emotion.

So let’s personalize this today. Say the above quote by Ray Lewis but put your name or in the first person or have a little fun and do it in the third person!

“So now I, (your name) have to go out and show them I’m a different person than I was five minutes ago. Cause I (your name) am pissed off for greatness. Because if I’m not pissed off for greatness, then that means I’m OK with mediocre!”

And you know what? I’m not OK with living a mediocre life, and neither are you!

Okay, now back to the word passion. Whenever or wherever you find passion you will find a lot enthusiasm.

Here is a great quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

It’s time to get Pissed Off for Greatness. Be passionate and enthusiastic about your life and dreams today!


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Live Your Legend

What excites you?
What do you do that makes you feel invincible?
What do people thank you for?
What are you ridiculously good at? What are your precious gifts?
Who do you look up to? Who are your mentors? Who inspires you? Why?

Those are some of the questions that are in a Passionate Work Toolkit on helping people,
“Change the world by doing work you love.”

The site also has a great quote that I really like, it is:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and
then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman

While I agree with the “spirit” of that quote I do earnestly and fully believe we are to look for needs and try and meet them in this world in peoples lives. Where I agree fully with that quote is that we have to “come alive” or be that to truly impact and encourage people.

What do you think?

Anyway, here is that website: Live Your Legend

The site is all about living your passion and a life of purpose.
The guys name is Scott Dimsmore. Go take a look. If you want some encouragement and thought provoking questions then subscribe to receive his Passion Career Toolkit.

I attended a funeral of some dear friends father who passed away, in Oxnard, CA. It was by far the most powerful funeral or I would call a celebration of a life lived to the fullest! There were about 1500 people from all across the States who came. It was a two day event of speakers and people sharing how he had impacted their lives. He was a Minister and one who lived a life of simply giving of himself to others and those in need.

I left there that weekend with such a strong desire to leave a legacy, not so much a legacy of fortune as much as a legacy of influence.

In order to do this, in order to truly make a positive impact in this world you have to find those things in your life that are a distraction, that are keeping you from moving forward and eliminate it.

Start doing that today. For yourself. For your loved ones. For the world!

Oh yeah, Yes we are doing a ‘makeover’ for this site. I’ve been working on it offline. Thanks for asking :)


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Quick Update from India!

We are returning in several hours back to the US after a very powerful strategic time in India, Bhutan and Nepal.

I made a blog post about it on

I am more fired up than ever. It’s an awesome thing to be fulfilling your purpose!

Also I am more than determined to continue this Internet Entrepreneur endeavor, knowing I will succeed and will be able to help others along the way. I received an email update from Joel Comm mentioning the Ray Edwards Live 3 Day Intensive “Bootcamp” in April in Phoenix, Arizona in which he also is going to be a speaker. I watched the video and went a head and purchased this event. It was only $97. I do know there will be an invitation to join him (Ray Edwards) in a more in-depth relationship of mentoring, so I will give an update on that for sure.

With that being said, I’m excited to get back home to continue on this Internet Marketing journey, I prefer to call it Internet Entrepreneurship. The former has such a cliche sound to it and it has a broader meaning etc.

While here in this region of the world again, seeing the immense poverty and vastness of humanity got my mind working overtime and so very burden in my spirit. Longing to make a difference.

While ministering in one of the Refugee Camps in Nepal I saw a big sign posted by the Untied Nations, “We can stop Human Trafficking”.

This pierced me right in the heart.

Our ministry is in the initial stages of engaging in this horrific reality, if we can save one little girl from this sex slave industry…Oh God help us in this process.

Well, I just wanted to give a quick post from India, our Internet connections have been really really slow where we have been or none at all. It was nice last night to not have to sleep with a mosquito net!

Below is a picture of our Nations Shakers Conference in Nepal.



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Good Morning, Don’t stop dreaming just because you woke up!

I love that quote! It was tweeted yesterday  by Pastor Jay Haizlip of the Sanctuary Church in Westminster and Los Angeles CA.

This is just a quick post to start the day. The above quote is pretty simple but very powerful. Focus on your dreams today, write them down and go out and have a great day impacting your world around you. Life is fun and exciting when you are focus driven and that focus involves touching, encouraging and blessing others.

Well, that’s it for this morning. Have a great great day!

Having fun with College students, Kathmandu Nepal 2012Having fun with College students in Kathmandu Nepal 2012.

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Okay, It’s Time…Woke up pissed off this morning!

So I’m drinking my morning coffee, waking up and I see in the jvAlert group on Facebook a notification that Ken McArthur made a post with the title, “Five Easy Steps to Find 4,000 People Who Adore You!”

What captured my interest was that you usually don’t go about the day thinking, “How can I get people to adore me.” :)

As I read it, I started to get fired up and that led to “my passion” kicking in.

Last weekend my wife and I attended the hosted by Ken. After I introduced my wife and myself to Ken, my wife, who has a right on sense of discernment says to me, “I really like him, he seems so caring and genuine.” I couldn’t agree more with her! He really is the real deal with a passion to helping and imparting to others to better their lives and businesses.

This event was both very awesome and extremely frustrating at the same time.

Awesome because of the people who were there, the synergy, the attitudes, the “I want to make a difference in this world,” while making a butt load of money at the same time.

Frustrating because when it comes to [Read more...]

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What are you Focusing on?

Heard a great message today on Serving.

In January 2001 my life as I knew it came to a screeching halt. (I’ll share about it on a separate page/post) The result was that I left my calling or occupation. Over several years I built up a woe is me attitude. It impacted my family and basically anyone I knew or even came in contact with because I was not being my true self, which hindered me from living life to the fullest.

I became focused on myself, my problems, my lack. I also was focused on getting outThe problem or danger of this type of focus causes one to be constantly looking at how terrible things are in the present, hindering you from looking forward which is a key ingredient to ones personal success in life.

[Read more...]

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I Hate the word Hate!

I came across a blog where the title of the post is, “I Hate the word Hate.” It’s a great article.

The very name of this website would seem a direct opposite of the title on her post, but it really isn’t.  As this blog is being developed it’s main goal and objection is to stir up emotions, to motivate love producing action with purpose.  Standing up against the “hope deferred’s” in our lives which makes the heart sick, having the desires and longings of our hearts fulfilled that produces a tree of life (Proverbs 13:12)  and then on levels that go above and beyond ourselves, a greater cause that stands up against injustices of the world helping and serving others.

Here is the link to her site, I think you will enjoy it:

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This site has sat dormant long enough! Why? Because I have a clear and focused Vision. Purpose that goes deep beyond words. Destiny that must be fulfilled, which the end result is lives being touched and transformed by the power of the Gospel, by Jesus. That’s my personal calling that has been placed upon me.

However, I have realized that as this site grows,  it will also serve people in their lives who really don’t want anything to do with God. How?
Well, there will be hundreds of topics here that will help and encourage people to focus on their dreams and desires…Hate is a Strong word. We don’t like to hear it. There is a whole lot of Hate in this world. Have you tuned into the news lately? Hate in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Talks of attacking Iran to stop them from building nuclear weapons to assure the safety of Israel. This country (USA) right now is probably the most divided that it has been in the last 50 plus years. The right verses the left and the left verses the right in this years Presidential election and the list goes on and on.

So back to the word Hate. There is Time for Hate or Time to Hate…we must hate hatred and all that it stands for. We must get to a point in our lives that we hate with a passion those things  that are holding us captive from moving forward,  from reaching and obtaining our dreams and goals in life…
Time to hate…not knowing ones purpose in life or lack of purpose.
Time to hate…procrastination.
Time to hate…alcoholism. It destroys lives and families.
Time to hate…living on barely get along avenue. Being broke and busted.
Time to hate…cancer. I attended a funeral yesterday of a dear friend who touched so many peoples lives with her beautiful smile and love. She was simply an amazing woman.
Time to hate…smoking.
Time to hate…obesity.
Time to hate…lack of integrity.
Time to hate…broken marriages.
Time to hate…bad relationships.
Time to hate…child neglect and abuse.
Time to hate…trafficking of women and children.
Time to hate…poverty that engulfs much of this world and even in the USA.
Time to hate…living for ones self only.
Time to hate…lack of love.
Time to hate…self hatred.
Time to hate…being fat and out of shape.
Time to hate…lack of focus.
Time to hate…worry and anxiety.
Time to hate…You see the direction of this site. (I hope) [Read more...]

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Touching base…

The last few post have been from Guest Writers…just thought I would share that info with you.
Haven’t been too active here because I am in the process of taking this blog in a new direction etc.

Here’s a cool quote I’d like to share today however:

“The person who cannot see the ultimate
becomes a slave to the immediate.” Dr. John Maxwell

Dream big, Dream often. Enlarge your Vision and go give someone an encouraging word today and find
someone who needs a good hug and lay it on them!

And…All the Promises of God are Yes in Him (Jesus) and Amen, which means So Be It!
So get in the Word, get blessed and go be a blessing. :)

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