Use The Law Of Attraction To Get Everything You Want

The world is governed by 7 Laws. One of these laws is the Law of Attraction (The Law of Perpetual Transmutation). What exactly is the Law of Attraction about? All things consists of energy, from dirt to the birds flying above us to the nails on your fingertips.  Anything and everything you can see and touch is constructed of natural energy.  If you take a magnified look from molecules to atoms, eventually energy will be the only element remaining.

What does energy have to do with the the Law of Attraction?  Keep in mind, there isn’t any solid substance keeping your feelings and morals together. All of your feelings and ideas consist of genuine energy. If energy makes up the Universe, can’t we use our thoughts to make reality?

Our own ideas and emotions draw in the negative and positive things that arises in our lives.  For every situation that transpires in your life, take responsibility for it.  You might be wondering, so how did I ask for that stubbed toe I got this morning , ran out of toilet paper and on top of that spilled coffee on my favorite blouse? Stubbing your toe created a sequence of incidents of bad thoughts that triggered a tough beginning to your day. Then again, having optimistic thoughts can lead to a chain reaction of positive events in your life.  Commencing every day with the positive perspective in your life can cause a wonderful morning.  You will need to believe that you have the power to control how good or bad your day is by keeping track of your thoughts and emotions.

There’s three steps that are important factors to the Law of Attraction.

Ask: It is crucial that you picture in your head what you want to occur. The world would not recognize what to provide you unless you request it.

You need to without a doubt believe that whatever you’re trying for is for sure going to happen.  Any lingering doubts or anxieties are just going to get in the way of you receiving what you want. Know that the Universe has answers for what you want.

Receive: You can’t expect to have what you’re asking for is going to be handed to you on a silver platter.  If you wish to achieve your goals, you will have to attempt to actively take part of manifesting your desires. Don’t miss out , when you get an opportunity, don’t hesitate!! Let life happen and be grateful for it as if you have already receive what you want.

If you found this article to be helpful, and you want to learn more ways to use the Law of Attraction into your life, also  check out What is the Law of Attraction? and Manifest Desires.

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Why Surfing Could Change Your Psychology

We have all seen those surfer types, strutting their stuff on the beach and making everything they do look effortless. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself if it’s something in the water that gives them their confidence or could it be those large surfboards inflating their self-esteem? Well now surfing can claim the title of the most confidence enhancing sport of all, after new research from Exeter University in England proves it categorically.

Before we examine the reasons why surfing is so good for your ego, let’s explain just how the research was conducted. Over 150 non-athletes took part in the research which tested 15 popular sports. Participants completed an extensive psychological confidence test and then took part in a specific sport for 3 months, after which they completed the same confidence test. The research concluded that the participants who recorded the most improved marks on their confidence tests were the surfers, and by quite a margin.

The Masters students who conducted the research have suggested that there are many factors to surfing which promotes confidence. Firstly it takes place outdoors and participants are pitted against the elements. “This is something that we have seen promotes a great deal of confidence” suggests Tony Billingham of the Sports Sciences department, “as people are very empowered by being able to overcome elements that they have previously not been challenged by”. This is a trait that many other extreme sports have as well. Further more, surfing is a very physically demanding sport and participants gain confidence from not only being fitter but looking fitter to others. Surfers are often made to look even more healthy by the all-over tan that they often pick up from being outside in the sun for much of the day. Another reason that surfing helps people become more self-assured it that it has ethos of laid back, happy-go-lucky confidence at all times, which is something that rubs off on new comers very quickly indeed.

Runner up in the list of most confidence building sports was cycling, so if you’re in need of an ego boost grab your surfboards or mountain bikes, get outside, and start training today

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Uplifting And Encouraging Words


Someone once said to me that friendships are established the moment when someone says ‘wow that happened to me too….’

In most of the things that we go through it often feels like we are alone in our experinces. Talking to the people around you may help and you feel much better about letting it all out. Although it would be nicer to talk to someone who has at least been through an experience like yours rather than talk with just anyone.

For some really inspirational and uplifting words you could look up any of the following: letter of encouragement christian encouragement coping with death quotes

It is always good to get words of encouragement from someone who has been through what you are going through because they understand how it feels like to be in your shoes. Talking to someone who has never been in your shoes will likely get you the clichéd response that things are going to e fine

Besides giving you words of encouragement someone who has been through what you’ve been through will give you practical advice. Having thought it through I decided to try it out and talk to someone who had been in my shoes before. Would you believe at the end of it we were sharing tea and having a few laughs about it too?

you will get people who tell you that you should talk with a counselor, psychologist and I agree they are professionals but sometimes you just need to be around someone that is genuine you know. You need to talk to someone who will be at ease with you rather than quote you passages from a text book. Natural and meaningful words said at the right time are more than uplifting.

You are able to look at your situation objectively and come up with possible solutions. Even though the problem may still be there just knowing that someone went thorough it and made it goes a long way.You will be in a position to appreciate that even the most painful experiences can be lived through.

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Sinus Problems? – Stop Them!

Many people have heard of sinus irrigation but there are still people who do not know what the Hydro Pulse is used for and also how it works. The nasal irrigation process is a very simple one that originated in India and is used all over the world in this day and age.

Nasal irrigation is used to remove any dry mucus from the nasal passages and also to help remove any dust and debris that can block our nasal passages on a daily basis. This process can also be very helpful to those people who suffer with allergies and sinus problems.

People who do suffer with sinus problems might want to use the hydropulse a lot more often that those people who do not suffer. If a person has a certain allergy then it is a good idea to use nasal irrigation when that allergy is at its strongest.

The process is a simple one that basically consists of cleaning out your nasal passages using a nasal solution, water or salt water. This process can be practiced at home so there is no need to seek a professional, unless your nasal passages are very blocked and you can not clean them out yourself.

One of the most simple ways to clean your sinuses is snorting water up through your nostrils by cupping the water in your hand, although there are other methods that are a lot more effective which consist of pouring water up one nostril and letting it leak out of the other or down the back of the throat which can then be spat out.

The best instrument to use when cleaning out your sinuses is called a neti pot. A very useful instrument thanks to its shape that will help make the process a lot quicker and also a lot more simple than it would be using a different object. Next: Learn more about therabreath and sinus irrigation and how it may benefit you by following the links below.

/Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and does not seek to diagnose, advice or treat any health condition whatsoever. If you have or think you might have a health condition, contact your primary care physician for diagnosis, advice and treatment. The USFDA has not evaluated statements about any product mentioned in this article.

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Time to Hate being Scammed or Lack of Integrity Part 2

This is just a real quick, straight from the hip post today…

I wrote a article a while back, “Time to Hate Lack of Integrity” and here is a add on to that, “Time to Hate being Scammed”.

OK, many of you know that my wife has been the main provider for our family since the middle of 2001…and Tarzan here absolutely Hates it and is doing every thing in his power to reverse this! Hopefully this site and some others I have will be one of the tools in doing just that…

In the mean while, I have been on craigslist…I’ve lost count of the hours…and looking and searching… [Read more...]

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You Are the President of Your Own Nation and the Ultimate Dream Business…

Hey Everyone,

You are the President of Your Own Nation and the Ultimate Dream Business…this is NOT MLM.

Two quick things today.

First, a word of encouragement…

You Are the President of Your Own Nation and it’s called “Imagination”. This particular nation is the driving force behind your life and is the underlying factor for your future. You have an enormous responsibility as the President of this nation, because you always need… [Read more...]

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I Hate Being Broke!

It’s Time to Hate being Broke!!!

I just came across a profile on Facebook, “I Hate Being Broke”. And it has 127,731 fans. Here are some of the comments on the wall:

“I am currently broke… until next Monday”

“so broke it’s no joke”

“I have to save up to be poor”

And it gets pretty heated too, one guy comments, “I would recommend a job”. Then someone replies, “Sure thing *%#hole…I hate you condescending rich snotbags acting like you know what’s up…”

The person who started this group on Facebook says, “Not liking the Rich people who join the group and commenting…If you don’t know How it Feels Like to be Broke, why join?”

Hate can be a very positive and passionate emotion! And I Hate… [Read more...]

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The Step Brothers Movie and…

Freedom by not “losing your dinosaur”.

Have you seen the Step Brothers movie starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly?

I’m not sure of your sense of humor but it’s a pretty hilarious movie about two middle-aged goof-offs who become members of the same family when one’s Mother marries the others Father, and sparks soon start to fly between the contentious New Step-Siblings.

First they absolutely hate each other, then they become best friends, then they hate each other again and then their friendship is restored when… [Read more...]

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It’s Time to get Pissed Off and…

Passionately Hate Anything in your life that is holding you back!

“Holding me back from what?” Thanks for asking :) Holding you back from truly seeing the desires and dreams of your heart fulfilled and coming to pass.

The year was 2001. Life was good. I was blessed beyond measure. Wonderful marriage. Three beautiful kids. Parents, and extended family. We were the image of a Norman Rockwell painting of the perfect American family life.

Little did I realize that this was all coming to an abrupt end! Shattered, Broken, Disillusioned… [Read more...]

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Start the Fall off with…

Yesterday was September 22nd The First Day of Fall…

As you can see, It proves once again that

Seasons come and Seasons Go… :)

Seasons are Awesome…

Because with Each Season there
is Anticipation and Expectation…

Live Each Day with
Anticipation and Expectation…

and You are Moving out of
one season of Your Life into
Another Season…

So why not start it off with… [Read more...]

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