I Love Cats but What To Do When…

I figured it was time to just start writing. I have a lot of ideas but tend to be a perfectionist or I am simply a procrastinator.  So if I just start posting on a regular basis I will stop waiting until this/my blog is looking all nice and sweet and work on the “perfection” part slowly but surely-and just write.

So, here it goes. Back to the headline, I Love cats but What To Do When…

They are waking you up every night, all hours of the night…crying out for a mate and brawling with any competition?!

Will one thing for sure, it’s Time to Hate it when this happens! ha ha

But seriously, I really don’t know what to do. I have 2 bottles of water ready for battle-the clever little things are too smart. I did sneak up on one however and nailed it last night, but it was back within hours.

There has to be an answer. This is just temporary housing here on Oahu and I am moving back to Southern California in 2 weeks. I guess if I were a homeowner here or anywhere for that matter I could get a big narly dog and that would help, I think.

Oh well, I really do love cats. We lost ours during the wildfires in So. Cal. a couple of years ago. How I don’t know, because we lived one block from Dst beach and the fires were miles away…but Roxy never came back home. That was a real bummer. That was one of those “Time to Hate” moments.

I at least hope there are a few good litters produced while I endure a few more restlest nights of sleep!

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  1. gordon young says:

    kill kill kill kill kill