Listen, Learn and Live!

As you read this post, I’d be really stoked if you would think of three people who
could benefit from this article!

But first, a friend of mine said to me today, “Time to Hate Fake” and this is not only totally right on, but what makes it really cool is that his name is Jake! So we are going to be writing a article entitled,”Time to Hate Fake by Jake.” Well, I at least thought it was cool.

So, Here we go :)

This article is not only some “keys for success” but just good old common sense in life. It’s good to Listen, it’s good to Learn which helps and enables us to Live more productive lives for ourselves and for others.

Listen- Who are you listening to? The person that you need to listen to is you. Inside of you is your heart’s desires. Today, take some time and ponder and think and make a commitment to yourself to truly figure out “Your Why.” Your Why is the reason you get up each day with excitement and anticipation for what the days holds and for what you will accomplish and fuels you with energy to push through any obstacles that may come your way And…Ultimately Your Why is your dream. Listen to your heart’s desire and it will tell you Your Why in life! And you must have Faith (Find Answers In The Heart). It takes faith to become successful in life and fulfill Your Why.

I love this statement in regards to the heart by Oliver Wendell Holmes, “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”

Learn- Are you on a constant and consistent track to increase your knowledge? We’ve all heard that knowledge when properly applied is power, but it’s your decision to build upon your knowledge and create that unstoppable power. We were all made to learn reading, math and language and we just didn’t throw our hands up in the air as children and say, “I give up.” So, let me ask you a question. Why are you throwing your hands up on your dreams? Wait a second Alan, I’m not doing that! Well, if you are not learning something new everyday that will assist you in achieving Your Why then you are ultimately giving up. Listen, there are way to many distractions out there that are seeking to devour our dreams and heart’s desire! I really encourage you today to take it to the next level by committing to learning something new everyday in the area of Your Why.

Live- This is the last step that will help you achieve “unconventional success”. You see conventional success means that by the age of sixty-five,(According to the US Social Security Board) that 85 out of 100 Americans don’t possess as much as $250 in savings. And only 2% are self-sustaining (the rest dependent on family, church or government). This is totally insane. So what is unconventional success? Well, It’s up to you and me to forge forward in life and to live life to the fullest, to achieve massive wealth in every area of our lives despite what conventional success says. To make the decision to Live your dream by finding Your Why.

So, Who are the three people you thought of? If you thought of more than three that’s OK because we all need to know the importance of Listening, Learning and Living. Forward this article to them now by copy/paste in a email or send them here :) to read it. By doing so you are making a difference in the life of someone you love and care about today.

Now, Go for it! Listen to your heart’s desire, Learn something new everyday in that area of your life and Live your dream. You can and will achieve Your Why in Life.

PS. Had a nice surf session at Tamarack this afternoon, 2-3 feet but pretty fun!

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  1. yakob says:

    whoa, let me see here! listening is something that i have been working on lateley and even when it seems that i have that completed in a certain situation– then comes the real task of applying it! or as you put it learnng it–really hard for me to remember what i learned.
    Another might ask did i really learn it if i didn’t apply it–or maybee i just forgot? what would anybody else say?