Living with Purpose is the Only Way to Really Live

Living with Purpose is the only way to really live.

Everything else is just existing.

When it comes to Internet Marketing and having an
Online business it must be purpose driven.

Well actually, this applies to every area of our lives, doesn’t it?

But in regards to making a living online-continue to read on.

It is so easy to forget that there is actually another human being
sitting behind another monitor some where in the
world with their own hopes and dreams.

Give them value, honesty and integrity.

Your online business and Internet Marketing plan must be
aligned with your personal purpose.

This is what will sustain you and help you get through the
ups and downs of Internet Marketing and your home based business.

A business and life without purpose is a business and life
that will get you nowhere.

Here is something to consider and think about:
“What is Your Life/Business purpose?”

It’s a statement that summarizes “a greater” cause/purpose
for your life.

It’s a statement that points the direction of your life.

It’s a statement that defines “success” for you.

It’s a statement that clarifies your roles in life.

Now, take your time writing out your life/business statement.
It doesn’t have to be done in a single sitting. Start with a rough
Draft. Just write down your thoughts as quickly as they come.
It’s easier to edit that to create.

Here are some questions to consider:

What will be the core or center of my life?

What kind of person will I be or what will be the character of my life?

What kind of service will I be to others or what will be the contribution
of my life?

What will be the communication and mission of my life?

Do it Today and life will Never be the same.

I really like what John Di Lemme has to say regarding this:

Are you absolutely clear about your goal
and Relentless in pursuit of Your *WHY*?

And once again, “Living with Purpose is the Only Way to Really Live!”

Go For It.

Life is Exciting-Live it to the fullest.

Talk soon.


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