Time to Hate being Scammed or Lack of Integrity Part 2

This is just a real quick, straight from the hip post today…

I wrote a article a while back, “Time to Hate Lack of Integrity” and here is a add on to that, “Time to Hate being Scammed”.

OK, many of you know that my wife has been the main provider for our family since the middle of 2001…and Tarzan here absolutely Hates it and is doing every thing in his power to reverse this! Hopefully this site and some others I have will be one of the tools in doing just that…

In the mean while, I have been on craigslist…I’ve lost count of the hours…and looking and searching…

In the past week I responded to 2 post on craigslist and my hopes got pretty high! The first one was, “$2150.00 min. per month take home Cleaning Carpets”. So, I called and set up a appointment for a interview in San Diego just off the 805 freeway and Clairemont Mesa Blvd. There were 3 other guys there and we all filled out the applications and then we sat through a “pitch” of how awesome the company was and if we worked hard we could easily make 6 figures within one year! Yeah Baby!! Right!? Red-Alert all the way…

I go back home and google them and I can’t find them anywhere. Oh yeah, I was told to call back the next between 11:00 and 11:30 and say specifically, “I’m calling to see how the interview went,” to see if I was approved or hired etc. So I did, and wow, “Congratulations Alan, your application was approved”. Training was set for tonight actually. I asked the lady if they had a website and she said no but Kirby does. Well, to make a long story short what they are doing is recruiting people into their Network Marketing business to go door to door selling Kirby vacuums. I couldn’t believe it!

The second craigslist add really is just unbelievable and in my eyes I think should be against the law. “Warehouse workers needed, $45,000 per year. Needed 1st and 2nd shift, easy freeway access. If interested, email me at name@gmail.com”.

I shot an email off right away! Received an immediate response, so I know it was a auto-responder. The email, thanked me for my interest and was told to click on the link to fill out the application. Look legit at first. After filling out the application, down at the bottom, it said that polls show that prospective employers like the idea of employees furthering their education and if I was interested in doing so. I am, therefore I said yes and after hitting the submit button I was led to another site with various online universities where I filled in the forms etc.

Immediately I received 4 calls, 2 to my home and 2 to my cell from Phoenix University and Colorado Tech University. That afternoon and the next day my phones rang about 12 times from them. Now, they did nothing wrong. It is the guy posting those adds. There is no such job as he mentioned. It is a 100% Scam to collect your name, phone number and email and he then gets paid by the various Universities for providing them leads! I even got a text, yesterday morning telling me to call this number regarding the warehouse position. So I thought then, maybe this isn’t a Scam. I called and they told me my application was received and that it is being processed etc. and was then asked, “Now, Mr. Young you mentioned that you were interested in furthering your education, is this still correct?” and I quickly said this is no longer the case, that I was just trying to get this job and was cleverly Scammed into filling out this questionnaire…and the ‘gentleman’ immediately hung up on me!

All I can say is WOW! It really has blown my mind. Getting peoples hopes up and then smashing them against the rocks is one of the saddest forms of human behavior there is! And I think you would agree with me that this is one of those things where it is “Time to Hate being Scammed!”

Just a little something to think about. If you are out there and struggling somewhat, hang in there, keep your head up high. Focus on you Dream, Your Why, Your Purpose and March On!

And If you are doing just insanely Awesome in your life right now, Way to go and Congrats!! Go find someone today that you know could use a word of encouragement and give them a big hug!!! :)

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  1. David Arcadi says:

    How true it is!!! Just to add I recently had an opportunity with Farmers Insurance, the interview went well and I was even told that I would be great for the position! But because I have bad credit, along with how many since our economy has been in crisis, they would not hire me!

    Oh ya one more it really is discouraging when an employer I’ve know from the past tells you to come in he may have a position for you. Then all goes well with the drug test but they have to wait for their insurance to clear you. I was told no problem, he literally shook my hand and said welcome back. While waiting on the insurance I was in contact on a daily basis with him and he answered my calls or emails. Then WHAT HAPPENED??? he stopped replying to my calls and emails and I do not know, you’ve got it, WHAT HAPPENED?? Where is the integrity?? Now the key in these stressful times is to keep the FAITH and TRUST GOD has something better for you. For now hang in there and keep the FAITH!!!

  2. Jumpin Jiack says:

    Wow i completley agree! they completley toyed with you and i wonder how often they do this to other people as well. probally alot too cause of the recession and all as well. i feel you man i got scammed by a person and i HATE it. but you know the 5 th step in Jesus’s model prayer? forgive me so i can forgive others. Only if He enables us to forgive then can He lead us in His direction, and protects us too! don’t think that i practice what i preach though i do try!