Time to Hate Lack of Integrity

OK, I bought a 92 Sabb from a guy that seemed trustworthy and real nice for my son here on Oahu for $600 bucks!

It looked pretty good, ran good-done deal. He said there are no back fees on it and it met the safety inspections for registration etc. All I had to do was pay the $10 bucks to have it transferred in my name.

So I go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and they tell me I first have to get a new safety inspection check. That ended up costing $275-ouch! Then I go back to register the car and I find out that the Certificate of Title is altered. I could have picked up on this on my own before buying it but the guy was ‘just so nice’ I didn’t take a second look at it. I call the guy and he assures me that he will go down and get a new on the next day and I even offered to pay the $10 bucks.

I call the guy 2 days later, “Oh yeah, sorry, I’ll do it first thing in the morning.” I then call again the next evening. No answer. After 15 or so calls I just gave up. So now I have a car that I have spent a total of $875 and I can’t drive it, I can’t sell it, I can’t even give it away because I don’t legally own it!

The car sits in my driveway for 4 months and now I am moving back to the mainland. I thought, “Ok, I’m going to get this guy back”!

I’ll park it in a hanicap spot, it will be ticketed and towed and will incure daily storage fees! Yes, ha ha ha-take that buddy!!

As much as I wanted to screw this guy for what he did to me, I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t raised that way and I didn’t raise my kids this way. So I found his name name on Facebook and sent him a message. Basically just told him,  “I know you really don’t care what you have done but I just want to give you a courtesty heads up that you leave me no choice in the matter but to simply park the car somewhere and the ticket and towing/storage fees are going to come to you etc. So, if you want to save yourself some hardship contact me. Take care and all the best. ”

Two days later, this morning as a matter of fact, I get a message back from him. I find out that the guy who sold me the car was not the registered owner after all. He did buy the car from this guy I sent the message to but never properly registered the car in his name-just took my money and ran.

So, by having a little integrity on my part I saved an innocent man from getting a ticket and towing/storage fees and I am now getting a new legal title to the car and am giving it to my daughter (son already got a different car) before I head back to the mainland.

Life is all about integrity. It doesn’t pay to do someone harm, even if you feel you have all the right in the world to do so. What goes around comes around or What you sow you will reap.

I feel sorry for the guy who lied to me and sold me a car he knew I was going to have problems with. Hopefully he doesn’t have to find out the hard way that a little integrity goes a long way and just makes life more peaceful.

The original owner of the car was very thankful that I didn’t abandon it and I am now stoked to be able to give my daughter some pretty decent wheels to cruise the Island on!

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  1. Nice thoughts on Integrrity!

  2. Good article. Some people would do anything for a couple of dollars.

    I am also on blog success! see you there.