You Call The Shots!

I am reading a book right now by the kid who started 12 successful businesses before he turned 21!
The title of the book is, “You Call the Shots” and his name is Cameron Johnson.
It’s a good read and it’s getting me fired up! If we are not calling our own shots in life then someone else is and that really sucks!
You have most likely heard the saying that “Winners are Self-Motivated.”
Well, How do you “get your SELF” going to where you Really want to be in life?
You probably already know where you don’t want to be because you Hate it there, you despise it and it’s just not fun being there under those circumstances-especially in Today’s Economy!
We hear it everyday, “It’s tough out there.”

So how to get Self-Motivated?
Here’s my quick tip and thoughts on the matter:

  • Dream, Dream Big, Dream Often
  • Build Inspirational Detail into your Dreams and Visions
  • To make your Dream a reality write it down in as much Detail as possible
  • The more you write-the more real it becomes
  • Where, When, What, How Big, How loud and what color is your Dream?
  • What’s Important Now?
  • What’s Important Next?
  • Know beyond a shadow of doubt where you don’t want to be in life, hint-time to hate it! :)

Getting and Becoming Self-Motivated are the very first Steps of  “Calling Your Own Shots in Life!”

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  1. Thanks for pointing me to Cameron, never heard of him before. Although his blog’s header graphics has to be the cheesiest ever (business dude with hand on notebook keyboard), he definitely seems like someone with following. I put his latest book on my Amazon wishlist.

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    • alan young says:

      Hey there, Thanks so much.
      I like your domain name and your site!
      My wife also likes it very much.
      All the best to you and great success with your site/business!