First of all…

What’s your story?

Here’s a little of mine.

My life was like a perfect Norman Rockwell painting, married with three wonderful children.

Life was good.

Until January 2001 it all came to a screeching halt.

I was the Associate Pastor at my Dad’s church and he resigned abruptly during our January board meeting.

I was shocked to say the least. I excused myself from the meeting and went and called my dear Mother. “Mom,” I said, “Did you know Dad was resigning the church tonight?” She had no clue.

I proceeded back to the meeting and tried to stop what was taking place. Something was not right…Why? He was determined. It was over. He had 3 more Sunday Services to complete his 40 years of full-time service to the Lord.

After that last week on a day off I was in Temecula CA. at a skateboard park with my kids. I went out to the car to check my voice mail and had a message from my sister Joyce. “Alan” despair, urgency, a cry in her voice “Get up to Mom’s right away!” I grabbed the kids, picked my wife up and when I arrived at my Mom’s about an hour and a half  later my sister was there with her kids…Everyone was in tears, praying, crying out to the Lord.

My Dad left my dear Mother a card saying he would do it all over again with her, that he loved her…but he was gone.
Vanished. Disappeared.

Several days had passed, then after one week he returned. A families worst nightmare. He had an affair with a lady in the church and she had conceived.

Forty years of ministry, Forty Four years of marriage over.

My wife and I kept the church going for six months until we got a new Pastor.

The Board wanted us to take it over but I wanted a break. I wanted out. I ran from the ministry, my calling.

So we left the “ministry” and moved back to North County San Diego where I grew up. My jobs were always in sales which involved working on the weekends which means we didn’t  get plugged into a local church or gathering of Believers on a weekly or regular basis.

As the years moved on, our two older kids slowly but surely fell away from the Lord.  During this time I also had several major disappointments from ministers that actually just blew my mind away!

I became jaded and developed a “woe is me attitude.” I said, “Lord I love You, but to hell with ministry. I will never preach again.”

This went on until the summer of 2006 when it was if the Lord hit me up side my head with a two by four. It wasn’t an audible voice, it was that still small resounding voice of the Lord, “Alan, get over yourself and get back to what I have called you to do!”

That day changed my life. I was back!

This site was birthed from hitting rock bottom in life…
I have struggled with, in regards to this site of what I should do with it. The very name immediately raises a red flag, it seems just so negative…

Talk with anyone who is a great success in what they do, anyone who is just crushing it and making a decent living and they will all tell you the same thing:

You have to get to the point in life where you “hate” where you are, where you literally “despise” your circumstances to the point that it produces or causes you to propel forward.

So the first purpose of this site is to encourage you to rise up and dream big. You can do it!
The second purpose is to encourage you that you can make a living full-time online

First and foremost my passion is what I do. I’ve been doing it most of my adult life. When I was 17-18 I was living on the North Shore of Oahu surfing, living my dream but in a deep rut of substance abuse and heading no where in a hurry. With the prompting from Tom Bauer of Surfing the Nations I joined Youth With A Mission in Hawaii, my life was transformed and within one year I was in India.

I work with Agape International, where I am the director of the Indian Sub. Continent.

My personal ministry blog is

A huge part of my passion and purpose is encouraging others, especially those who are going through difficult times.
I truly thank God for the “desert times” because I am now, totally 100% able to empathize with others. No matter what someone is going through, to be at the place where you cast no judgement, you only have compassion and love and you are all ears is an incredible place to be.

I am grateful for this. The school of hard knocks is priceless.

Summing things up…

This sites purpose is to help and encourage others to reach for greater heights, to see and know that your hearts desire and goals in life can and will come to fruition!

Creating your business and your online entrepreneurship to support your life-style.

I invite you to follow my journey of Internet Entrepreneurship. I’ve been around for a while in this world of internet marketing so I know those who have integrity and offer value verses hype. I will simply point you in their direction.

I hate seeing most people struggle to make ends meet. How can you focus on helping others and imparting to others when you are consumed with lack?

It’s almost impossible.

As this blog is being developed it’s main goal and objection is to stir up emotions, to motivate love producing action with purpose.

There is a Time to Hate… we must hate hatred and all that it stands for.

We must get to a point in our lives that we hate and despise with a passion those things that are holding us captive, from moving forward, from reaching and obtaining our dreams, desires and goals in life.

There is a Time to Hate… the injustices in our world that so many people suffer from on a daily basis. They need a voice, they need our voice.

They need your voice!

Oh yeah, my Mom and Dad’s marriage was restored and they are doing great :)

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