Freedom verses Passion

What thoughts came to your mind when you read the title Freedom verses Purpose in the blog post?

I was on a webinar yesterday, actually 3 webinars :) The first one was on website design and wordpress. One would think, “How does the topic of Freedom verses Purpose come up on a webinar about design?”

I’m one that has always focused on one’s cause or purpose first. Some interesting and revealing statements and thoughts were brought to the table of discussion.

Patty said, “I think for a lot of people in a cubicle, their first mission is to get free. I know at least it was for me.”

Laura, “The freedom alone is not enough. There has to be purpose behind it.”

This was taking place on Kevin Miller’s Free Agent Academy’s site This guy’s the real deal. Anyway, this conversation was continued on his Facebook page. It’s good stuff.

Just got this from a friend, “Great listen today Kevin…I got a huge lesson from your words today…I have been thinking all along that I need to make sure the money is in order, and then go after the passion…I think it’s the other way around…fill ourselves with the passion and then the money follows (but take care of responsibilities as well)”

Kevin responded,

“Thanks so much for this. I see error on both sides, folks who spend forever getting money in order, and never get to passion. Then folks going after passion, but with no plan, and they struggle with money. But yeah, I see far more glory ultimately come from veering to the latter.”

What do you think?

Here are a few of the comments that followed:

Joshua said, “Chasing passion is a necessity for a man to do to be fully alive. The problem is that most don’t do whatever it takes to fulfill their passion and many quit 10 minutes before breaking through.”

Jonathan Milligan, “The biggest complain I hear is “I don’t have time” or “I’m too tired” after working all day and family responsibilities. My first answer is “Do you want it or not?” My second answer is “If so, pay yourself first.” Wake up one hour early and work on your passion (assuming you have a plan)! Actually writing a blog post about this today.”

His blog is listed below.

Doug added,  “It is a tough walk sometimes, passion vs. responsibility. Too often, as my awesome wife Patty Gale would say, we find ourselves in that j-o-b situation and we want to jump at the first thing that comes along, just to get out. I felt that way working in the cubicle farm. My responsibilities as a father and spouse are so important, not just financially but time, energy and peace of mind. I love some of the comments…if you don’t work towards your passion, your calling..then I feel you aren’t bringing your value to your family, and to the world…”

Here is Jonathan’s blog post: 5 Reasons to Work on your Passion before Sunrise

For me, I blessed to be working in and fulfilling my passion but I’m now putting a great effort on quote “getting free” by raising support and multiple streams of income. It’s a long process but it’s coming to pass slowly but surely.

So, I think you need to implement both at the same time.

Work on your Passion while work on getting Free. Small steps, start today, start right now and don’t forget to journal it or write it down and keep it before your eyes and vocalize it everyday.

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  1. Kevin Miller says:

    Great commentary Alan, and I’m so honored you cited me and found value in the post. Eager to help you with multiple streams of income.