I Hate Being Broke!

It’s Time to Hate being Broke!!!

I just came across a profile on Facebook, “I Hate Being Broke”. And it has 127,731 fans. Here are some of the comments on the wall:

“I am currently broke… until next Monday”

“so broke it’s no joke”

“I have to save up to be poor”

And it gets pretty heated too, one guy comments, “I would recommend a job”. Then someone replies, “Sure thing *%#hole…I hate you condescending rich snotbags acting like you know what’s up…”

The person who started this group on Facebook says, “Not liking the Rich people who join the group and commenting…If you don’t know How it Feels Like to be Broke, why join?”

Hate can be a very positive and passionate emotion! And I Hate…Being Broke!!! What is your definition of being broke?

I lived in the Indian Sub-Continent for 2 1/2 years while working with Youth With A Mission http://www.ywam.org and saw millions of broke people making only a few dollars a month!

Poverty exsist of course in every Third World Country but it also exsist right here in the good old USA. Poverty and Being Broke go hand in hand, don’t they? But you can be broke and not live in poverty. Basically if you are living from paycheck to paycheck (which I am) then you are Broke.

And I Hate Being Broke!

I’ve never met anyone who was thrilled about being broke or living from paycheck to paycheck, have you?

I have A lot to be Thankful for. I am pretty Stoked on life! But how do you get out of the rat-race of living from paycheck to paycheck? I think there would be a very small percentage of people who are content in life living this way. What do you think?

Here is why I Hate it and Despise it: Can you really do all the things in life that are in your heart to do for you and your family? How can you truly have a positive impact on others and the world around you by imparting to them, encouraging them, lifting them up and helping them when we are consumed with lack or anxiously waiting for our next paycheck to arrive?

I know, that you know, that success is always hidden by problems and in solving them, we acquire the skills that we need to be a leader. So, back to the question: How do you get out of the “rat-race” of living from paycheck to paycheck? Is it even really possible? How….


And here I believe is the Starting Point. It begins with you. It begins with me. Does it happen over night? Of course not! It’s a journey…and you have to Start your journey new every day. Refresh your vision. Let your heart out of it’s cage. Release your heart to dream about an unimaginable future for you and your family. Focus on “Your Why”. Start internalizing your “Why” in your mind, your heart and your spirit. It will change your life forever, and you will never go back to that point you were at before you found your your “Why”.

I believe a genuine “Why” should blow your mind. It should scare a little bit. John Di Lemme says, “The sheer possibilities of it should blow your socks off!”

So what is Your Why?

It must be bigger than who you are right now. It should be so big that it actually scares you into success. When it seizes your heart, it takes over. It will drive you. You won’t be a passenger but behind the wheel and in charge of your now, and your future. It will ignite you and fuel your dreams. It will change your daily actions and thrust you to places you have never seen or considered before. I will set you apart from the crowd. It will impart to you that little bit of extra that makes you fulfilled, passionate, proud and prosperous in all areas of your life.

And you and I will make and are making a difference in our families lives, our friends lives and the world around us!!!

Have a great awesome weekend.

This is the Starting point to breaking the cycle of the rat-race.

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  1. Glenn Adkins says:

    Hi Alan; I too am sick and tired of barely getting by financially. Social Security is not enough. I am determined, in spite of many health issues, to do my best to break through this situation, both for my family, friends, and causes that I believe in. With the publishing of my new book NEVER A DULL MOMENT, it is already opening doors and showing me the potential for better things ahead. Each day is an exciting opportunity to succeed in dreams that I hold.

    • alan young says:

      Hey there Glen, Thanks for the comment! I like what you said, ‘that each day is an exciting opportunity to succeed
      in dreams that you hold.’ Standing and believing with you Glen.