I Hate the word Hate!

I came across a blog where the title of the post is, “I Hate the word Hate.” It’s a great article.

The very name of this website would seem a direct opposite of the title on her post, but it really isn’t.  As this blog is being developed it’s main goal and objection is to stir up emotions, to motivate love producing action with purpose.  Standing up against the “hope deferred’s” in our lives which makes the heart sick, having the desires and longings of our hearts fulfilled that produces a tree of life (Proverbs 13:12)  and then on levels that go above and beyond ourselves, a greater cause that stands up against injustices of the world helping and serving others.

Here is the link to her site, I think you will enjoy it: http://www.myrefiningprocess.com/2011/07/60-day-photo-story-1160.html

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  1. Jennifer says:


    Thank you so much, not only for your visit to my blog, but the insight you’ve shared on what you received from your reading.

    I enjoyed your “Vision… Purpose… Destiny” post. Based on the dates of your posts after some time passed of no writing, I assume you’re basking in a renewed effort to use your blog for God’s glory, and I pray He uses your words to reach many!

    God bless you for sharing, don’t be a stranger!