Okay, It’s Time…Woke up pissed off this morning!

So I’m drinking my morning coffee, waking up and I see in the jvAlert group on Facebook a notification that Ken McArthur made a post with the title, “Five Easy Steps to Find 4,000 People Who Adore You!”

What captured my interest was that you usually don’t go about the day thinking, “How can I get people to adore me.” :)

As I read it, I started to get fired up and that led to “my passion” kicking in.

Last weekend my wife and I attended the jvAlertLive.com hosted by Ken. After I introduced my wife and myself to Ken, my wife, who has a right on sense of discernment says to me, “I really like him, he seems so caring and genuine.” I couldn’t agree more with her! He really is the real deal with a passion to helping and imparting to others to better their lives and businesses.

This event was both very awesome and extremely frustrating at the same time.

Awesome because of the people who were there, the synergy, the attitudes, the “I want to make a difference in this world,” while making a butt load of money at the same time.

Frustrating because when it comes to Internet Entrepreneurship or Internet Marketing, I felt like I had nothing to offer and didn’t have a product to joint venture with someone.

In the article I read this morning by Ken it really got me thinking. Here are a few bullet points:

  • Spend More Time Finding, Less Time Convincing
  • Accept the Fact, Most people won’t like you for this
  • Don’t try to fit in, Stand for something, Be the person you are, Don’t try and sneak by.
  • Be LOUD about who you are, the value you bring and what you believe to be true

Here is the link to that article: KenMcArthur.com/4000people

I have struggled with, in regards to this site of what should I do with it. The very name immediately raises a red flag, it seems just so negative. So how can I do just the opposite?

Talk with anyone who is a great success in what they do, anyone who is just crushing it and making a decent living and they will all tell you the same thing: You’ve got to get to the point in life where you “hate” where you are, where you literally “despise” your circumstances to the point that it produces or causes you to propel forward!

So the first purpose of this site is to encourage you to rise up, dream big. You can do it!

The second purpose is to show you that you can make a living full-time online.

Am I there yet? No, but I will be.

I’ve read and heard a thousand times not to venture in the “How to make money online” niche. It’s too crowded, you won’t succeed, focus on your passions first etc. etc.

Well, what if that is your passion? Are you to ignore it?

First and foremost, my passion is what I do. I’ve been doing it for 30 years now. When I was 17-18 I was living on the North Shore of Oahu surfing, living my dream but in a deep rut of substance abuse and heading no where in a hurry. With the prompting from Tom Bauer of Surfing the Nations I  joined Youth With A Mission in Hawaii, my life was transformed and within one year I was in India. I thrive on sharing the how truly awesome His love is with others and especially with those who have never heard it. I’ve seen firsthand thousands of lives transformed from the inside out! As a matter of fact next month we will be back in India, Nepal and a third country I won’t mention because people are imprisoned for sharing their faith there and I don’t want to endanger anyone.

I work now with Agape International, where I am the director of the Indian Sub. Continent.

Part of my passion is encouraging others, especially those who are going through difficult times in their lives. I truly thank God for the “desert times’ because I am now, totally 100% able to empathize with others. No matter what someone is going through, to be at the place where you cast no judgement, you only have compassion and love and you are all ears is an incredible place to be. I am grateful for this. My school of hard knocks is priceless.

Summing things up…

This sites purpose is to help and encourage others to reach for greater heights, to see and know that your hearts desire and goals in life can and will come to fruition!

Creating your business and your online entrepreneurship to support your life-style.

Now, when it comes to the “niche,” of how to make money online, I from this day forward, invite you to follow my journey of Internet Entrepreneurship. I’ve been around for a while in this world of internet marketing so I also know those who have integrity and offer value verses hype. I will simply point you in their direction for you to follow and subscribe to.

So, here is why I was “pissed off” this morning:

That my wife is not able to join me in our ministry due to lack.

I’m pissed that my Mom, who is turning 75 this year still has to work full-time.

That one of my sisters (who is awesome) lives from pay check to pay check.

I hate seeing most people struggle to make ends meet. How can you focus on helping and imparting to others if you are consumed with lack? It’s almost impossible.

Therefore: Time to Hate dot com!!





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