Quick Update from India!

We are returning in several hours back to the US after a very powerful strategic time in India, Bhutan and Nepal.

I made a blog post about it on http://alanyoung.org

I am more fired up than ever. It’s an awesome thing to be fulfilling your purpose!

Also I am more than determined to continue this Internet Entrepreneur endeavor, knowing I will succeed and will be able to help others along the way. I received an email update from Joel Comm mentioning the Ray Edwards Live 3 Day Intensive “Bootcamp” in April in Phoenix, Arizona in which he also is going to be a speaker. I watched the video and went a head and purchased this event. It was only $97. I do know there will be an invitation to join him (Ray Edwards) in a more in-depth relationship of mentoring, so I will give an update on that for sure.

With that being said, I’m excited to get back home to continue on this Internet Marketing journey, I prefer to call it Internet Entrepreneurship. The former has such a cliche sound to it and it has a broader meaning etc.

While here in this region of the world again, seeing the immense poverty and vastness of humanity got my mind working overtime and so very burden in my spirit. Longing to make a difference.

While ministering in one of the Refugee Camps in Nepal I saw a big sign posted by the Untied Nations, “We can stop Human Trafficking”.

This pierced me right in the heart.

Our ministry is in the initial stages of engaging in this horrific reality, if we can save one little girl from this sex slave industry…Oh God help us in this process.

Well, I just wanted to give a quick post from India, our Internet connections have been really really slow where we have been or none at all. It was nice last night to not have to sleep with a mosquito net!

Below is a picture of our Nations Shakers Conference in Nepal.



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