Use The Law Of Attraction To Get Everything You Want

The world is governed by 7 Laws. One of these laws is the Law of Attraction (The Law of Perpetual Transmutation). What exactly is the Law of Attraction about? All things consists of energy, from dirt to the birds flying above us to the nails on your fingertips.  Anything and everything you can see and touch is constructed of natural energy.  If you take a magnified look from molecules to atoms, eventually energy will be the only element remaining.

What does energy have to do with the the Law of Attraction?  Keep in mind, there isn’t any solid substance keeping your feelings and morals together. All of your feelings and ideas consist of genuine energy. If energy makes up the Universe, can’t we use our thoughts to make reality?

Our own ideas and emotions draw in the negative and positive things that arises in our lives.  For every situation that transpires in your life, take responsibility for it.  You might be wondering, so how did I ask for that stubbed toe I got this morning , ran out of toilet paper and on top of that spilled coffee on my favorite blouse? Stubbing your toe created a sequence of incidents of bad thoughts that triggered a tough beginning to your day. Then again, having optimistic thoughts can lead to a chain reaction of positive events in your life.  Commencing every day with the positive perspective in your life can cause a wonderful morning.  You will need to believe that you have the power to control how good or bad your day is by keeping track of your thoughts and emotions.

There’s three steps that are important factors to the Law of Attraction.

Ask: It is crucial that you picture in your head what you want to occur. The world would not recognize what to provide you unless you request it.

You need to without a doubt believe that whatever you’re trying for is for sure going to happen.  Any lingering doubts or anxieties are just going to get in the way of you receiving what you want. Know that the Universe has answers for what you want.

Receive: You can’t expect to have what you’re asking for is going to be handed to you on a silver platter.  If you wish to achieve your goals, you will have to attempt to actively take part of manifesting your desires. Don’t miss out , when you get an opportunity, don’t hesitate!! Let life happen and be grateful for it as if you have already receive what you want.

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