Okay, It’s Time…Woke up pissed off this morning!

So I’m drinking my morning coffee, waking up and I see in the jvAlert group on Facebook a notification that Ken McArthur made a post with the title, “Five Easy Steps to Find 4,000 People Who Adore You!”

What captured my interest was that you usually don’t go about the day thinking, “How can I get people to adore me.” :)

As I read it, I started to get fired up and that led to “my passion” kicking in.

Last weekend my wife and I attended the jvAlertLive.com hosted by Ken. After I introduced my wife and myself to Ken, my wife, who has a right on sense of discernment says to me, “I really like him, he seems so caring and genuine.” I couldn’t agree more with her! He really is the real deal with a passion to helping and imparting to others to better their lives and businesses.

This event was both very awesome and extremely frustrating at the same time.

Awesome because of the people who were there, the synergy, the attitudes, the “I want to make a difference in this world,” while making a butt load of money at the same time.

Frustrating because when it comes to [Read more...]

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