The True Meaning of “T. G. I. F.”…


What’s going on Between Your Ears?

What’s Happening 12 inches below that?

First:  The true meaning of “T. G. I. F.”

***Thank God I’m FOCUSED***

Say it with me right now…

***Thank God I’m FOCUSED***

***Thank God I’m FOCUSED***

Second:  What’s going on Between Your Ears and

What’s Happening 12 inches below that?









A brick wall?

Maybe a little of both?

There’s a ancient Proverb that says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick,

but when the desire comes it is a tree of life.”

I’m sure you have had, just like me, many ‘hope’s deferred” which just made

you feel like throwing in the towel and quitting! We could all probably write

our own little book on that subject…

What’s going on in our mind-our imagination will determine what’s happening

in our hearts… [Read that again] That was good Alan-Thanks! :)

Stand up against “Hope Deferred!”

You have the ability to take charge and imagine such powerful dreams for your future,

which will then change the destiny of thousands

and thousands of people’s lives.

Here is a powerful statement by Henry Ford:

“Whether you think you can or can’t — you’re right.”

Remember, it all boils down to “Your Why.”

Fire up Your Why within you Today.

This will produce a powerful motivation.

Write it down. Say it out loud.

Build yourself up and Give yourself away.

Do it Today.

Stand up against “Hope Deferred.”

Fire up “Your Why” within you.

Write it down. Say it out loud!

Hope you have the Greatest Thank God I’m Focused Ever!

And if you did’nt get John Di Lemme’s 177 Motivational Success Quotes

go to my last post and get them Today…he’s the Real Deal and just an awesome guy :)

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  1. Jake says:

    thats crazy that most of the big successful people in the world who have money are the ones who practice giving to others and are real good at giving it away!

  2. billy says:

    this is a piece of shit tgif means than god its friday

    • Alan Young says:

      Hey Billy,
      You are right bro, It also definitely means, “Thank God it’s Friday.” As a matter of fact, my wife, parents and I just ate there on Monday in Oxnard, CA. It was good!