Uplifting And Encouraging Words


Someone once said to me that friendships are established the moment when someone says ‘wow that happened to me too….’

In most of the things that we go through it often feels like we are alone in our experinces. Talking to the people around you may help and you feel much better about letting it all out. Although it would be nicer to talk to someone who has at least been through an experience like yours rather than talk with just anyone.

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It is always good to get words of encouragement from someone who has been through what you are going through because they understand how it feels like to be in your shoes. Talking to someone who has never been in your shoes will likely get you the clichéd response that things are going to e fine

Besides giving you words of encouragement someone who has been through what you’ve been through will give you practical advice. Having thought it through I decided to try it out and talk to someone who had been in my shoes before. Would you believe at the end of it we were sharing tea and having a few laughs about it too?

you will get people who tell you that you should talk with a counselor, psychologist and I agree they are professionals but sometimes you just need to be around someone that is genuine you know. You need to talk to someone who will be at ease with you rather than quote you passages from a text book. Natural and meaningful words said at the right time are more than uplifting.

You are able to look at your situation objectively and come up with possible solutions. Even though the problem may still be there just knowing that someone went thorough it and made it goes a long way.You will be in a position to appreciate that even the most painful experiences can be lived through.

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