This site has sat dormant long enough! Why? Because I have a clear and focused Vision. Purpose that goes deep beyond words. Destiny that must be fulfilled, which the end result is lives being touched and transformed by the power of the Gospel, by Jesus. That’s my personal calling that has been placed upon me.

However, I have realized that as this site grows,  it will also serve people in their lives who really don’t want anything to do with God. How?
Well, there will be hundreds of topics here that will help and encourage people to focus on their dreams and desires…Hate is a Strong word. We don’t like to hear it. There is a whole lot of Hate in this world. Have you tuned into the news lately? Hate in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Talks of attacking Iran to stop them from building nuclear weapons to assure the safety of Israel. This country (USA) right now is probably the most divided that it has been in the last 50 plus years. The right verses the left and the left verses the right in this years Presidential election and the list goes on and on.

So back to the word Hate. There is Time for Hate or Time to Hate…we must hate hatred and all that it stands for. We must get to a point in our lives that we hate with a passion those things  that are holding us captive from moving forward,  from reaching and obtaining our dreams and goals in life…
Time to hate…not knowing ones purpose in life or lack of purpose.
Time to hate…procrastination.
Time to hate…alcoholism. It destroys lives and families.
Time to hate…living on barely get along avenue. Being broke and busted.
Time to hate…cancer. I attended a funeral yesterday of a dear friend who touched so many peoples lives with her beautiful smile and love. She was simply an amazing woman.
Time to hate…smoking.
Time to hate…obesity.
Time to hate…lack of integrity.
Time to hate…broken marriages.
Time to hate…bad relationships.
Time to hate…child neglect and abuse.
Time to hate…trafficking of women and children.
Time to hate…poverty that engulfs much of this world and even in the USA.
Time to hate…living for ones self only.
Time to hate…lack of love.
Time to hate…self hatred.
Time to hate…being fat and out of shape.
Time to hate…lack of focus.
Time to hate…worry and anxiety.
Time to hate…You see the direction of this site. (I hope)
It’s about propelling forward, knocking down and destroying the walls that holds us back, that keeps us from being Stoked on Life!

So here we go…The journey has began! Great, great things are in store for you today, this moment. Rise up, Dream again and Go for it right now, today.
Start off by being a blessing to someone, encouraging someone…maybe even being a miracle in someone’s life today!

It’s all about Vision…Purpose…Destiny.

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  1. wanda says:

    How true this article is. We must take actions now to ensure our desired dreams and plans. Nothing happens on its own.
    It’s up to us to seek out the help we need, and help others in need.

  2. Chris says:

    The Bible declares that there is a time to hate! Not with hatred in our hearts but instead righteous indignation against the things which plague this generation. This generation faces challenges and fear that have never been realized before. Predators can now get in almost every house in America through the Internet. 80% of kids between age 11-14 have seen pornography. Another 10% have seen hard core pornography. Child Predators are lurching around every corner to molest and pervert a generation. It’s time to pornography and what it is doing to our society. It’s time to hate the lax rules regarding pornography and the ease by which kids can get into it! When we will get mad about it enough to do something. Great site Alan. I’m with you.

  3. Great stuff here Alan!

    With all this hating going on we as Christians can’t forget to love. It covers a multitude of sins.

    Keep the articles comin!…