What are you Focusing on?

Heard a great message today on Serving.

In January 2001 my life as I knew it came to a screeching halt. (I’ll share about it on a separate page/post) The result was that I left my calling or occupation. Over several years I built up a woe is me attitude. It impacted my family and basically anyone I knew or even came in contact with because I was not being my true self, which hindered me from living life to the fullest.

I became focused on myself, my problems, my lack. I also was focused on getting outThe problem or danger of this type of focus causes one to be constantly looking at how terrible things are in the present, hindering you from looking forward which is a key ingredient to ones personal success in life.

Start focusing on getting in or stepping in, into your calling, into your purpose. No matter what you are doing in life or in your work it must involve or include others. When you start focusing on others, on how you can serve others, on how you can be a encouragement to someone, on how you can be a blessing in someones life you will simply be amazed at how your attitude changes!

Life becomes exciting!

Try it today, this week. Go find someone to bless and encourage. Your life will start turning in the direction it should go, where deep in your heart you long and need it to be, for your self sake, for your family, friends and everyone you come in contact with.

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  1. Chris Harrison says:

    Good article. I was telling my wife tonight that when you aren’t doing your purpose, you lose focus on every area in your life. The only thing I truly care about in life is my family and missions. Every day I want to focus on helping people find Jesus. I also want to bring good teaching to the Church and help them find a meaningful relationship with Jesus. When I am doing that, the tough things that I am going through don’t seem as tough.